How To Preserve Herbs In Salt

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Do you grow various types of herbs at home in a garden or in containers? If you have a huge harvest of herbs, then you may want to preserve some to use later. You have many options to consider if you want to preserve herbs at home. This includes being able to preserve herbs in salt.

There are many types of herbs that you can preserve herbs in salt. This includes basil, rosemary and various others depending on what you want to grow at home. You will need to use a food processor, as you need to chop your herbs before the salt is added.

One important thing to know when you want to preserve herbs in salt is you need to keep the container in the refrigerator. The best thing is your herbs will keep for at least six months. Just make sure that all your herbs are cleaned and ready to go.

Instructions for how to preserve herbs in salt are on here…

How To Preserve Herbs In Salt

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