How To Plant Store Bought Ginger Root

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Photo by: Getting There Green YouTube channel

Many people may not be aware that a lot of greens and roots purchased at the store can be planted. This is a great way to grow a new plant without having to start from seeds. One type of root that is used in a lot of homemade remedies is ginger, and you can easily plant store bought ginger root at home.

The goal when you plant store bought ginger is having it sprout new roots. This may require a bit of work as you may not get the result you expect on the first try. Growing a new plant from a root is not really difficult to do if care is taken.

You will need to maintain the soil when you plant store bought ginger at home. This means keeping the soil moist so it does not get too dry. The type of soil you use is also important for a healthy plant.

How To Plant Store Bought Ginger Root


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