How To Naturally Treat And Prevent Foot Fungus (aka Athlete’s Foot)

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Foot fungus, unfortunately, is quite common. It can be an itchy-painful nightmare as it’s highly contagious and can be stubborn to get rid of if you are not consistent with the treatment process. We found this great article from Frugally Sustainable which includes several natural remedies for treating foot fungus. Our favorite is the anti-fungal salve, but we like the foot powder too, not to mention all their dosage suggestions and general guidance. All the treatments can be made from these plants, plus a few other essentials:

Chaparral. Here in the Arizona desert we have one of the most powerful anti-fungal plants known to man! Chaparral leaf is beyond awesome as it’s beneficial properties include: anti-fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-parasitic. When used topically, chaparral leaf is excellent for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin, scalp, and nails.

Black Walnut Hull. Black Walnut Hull is well-known and one of the most common ingredients in anti-fungal herbal formulations. It’s a natural antiseptic. Topically, black walnut hulls are very effect on nail and skin fungal infections.

Garlic. The use of garlic for treating fungal infections is an old time remedy, but it’s often the only effective treatment for fungal infections. Garlic is an all-natural anti-fungal, and it can be used on any area affected by fungus. It is especially wonderful for nail fungus.

Thyme. Thyme is another anti-fungal and is useful for treating a variety of infections. It also contains antiseptic properties making it a great treatment option.

Echinacea. Add anti-fungal to this wonder herb’s resume!

If you have foot fungus or know someone who does, we think you should read the full article from Frugally Sustainable. Otherwise, click the link below for their Anti-Fungal Foot Salve Recipe.

Anti-Fungal Salve Recipe

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