How To Make Your Own Worm Farm For Organic Composting & Organic Fertilizer

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How-To-Make-Your-Own-Worm-Farm-For Organic-Composting-And-Fertilizer

Another good way to get rid of your junk mail and do some extra composting is to make a worm bin. The worms (usually red wigglers) will eat the paper and waste food and give you back something called “castings” which is just a nice way to say worm poop. This process is called vermiculture.

These worm castings make spectacular plant food. They can also be used in a version of compost tea – a liquid version of the previously mentioned spectacular plant food.

Watch this YouTube to quickly learn the basics of building an outdoor worm bin. (Please note – there’s nothing that says you can’t do vermiculture in your house or apartment.)

Get the details of vermiculture in this great book: Worms: Eat My Garbage.  It’s a little old, but the “technology” hasn’t really changed over the years.

Or if you can’t wait to start, buy a really cool one, like the one below, that you just set up. You provide the worms (which you can probably buy locally through Craig’s List or read your local classifieds. You can even buy red wigglers by the pound (and get them delivered free) from Amazon.


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