How To Make Your Own Moona Lisa: Fun Abstract Art For Kids And Inspiring Photographers

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Photojojo is website geared toward photographers. They share tons of tips and tricks and provide great advice for amateurs and experienced photographers alike.

In one of their articles, the teach how to create abstract art that they refer too as “Moona Lisa” art. The name is derived from the major source of the art which is milk. Essentially, what you you do is mix milk with a little dish soap and food coloring and let the colors merge and swirl together until…CLICK. You’ve captured an abstract shot and an original piece of art.

Do you think this is for photographers only? Of course not! For all you DIYers out there, this is a fun and fabulous way to create art for your home or office. Also, this is a super fun and safe project for kids to experiment with colors. They have fun mixing and swirling the colors and watching the changes come and go, morphing into some thing new. Watching the colors change in the milk is as mesmerizing as watching colors and shapes transform in a kaleidoscope. You can let your kids take their own photo or you can take it for them and help them print it.

Click Here To Make You Own Moona Lisa Art: Milk Art For Kids And Inspiring Photographers

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