How To Make Your Own DIY Gutter Vacuum

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Cleaning the gutters on a home will typically be done at least twice each year. A homeowner will often do this task in the spring and in the fall depending on the leaves that accumulate. Washing out the gutters is the most common solution, but a DIY gutter vacuum can also be used.

The benefits of using a DIY gutter vacuum are you are not making a huge mess removing leaves and debris in the gutters. All the material that has accumulated in the gutters will be moved to a container, a bin, or a plastic bag. The container you use depends on what is available.

A shop vac or some other sucking action will be required to make a DIY gutter vacuum. The best thing is you do not need to climb up a ladder to clean your gutters, Simply place the end of the hose over the gutters to remove the debris.

Instructions to make your own DIY gutter vacuum are found on here…

How To Make Your Own DIY Gutter Vacuum

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