How To Make Worm Castings Tea (Organic Compost and Organic Fertilizer)

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Organic Compost Tea

Worm casting tea is organic fertilizer and compost that will make your garden (or your lawn) beautiful.  Start with a little compost, maybe some worm castings thrown in, and pretty soon you’ve got an organic liquid that sells for around $20 a gallon, because it’s that good for your plants!  You’ll probably want to make your own – especially if you’re thinking about putting it on your lawn – because once you use this stuff, you’ll never use anything else.

Worm Casting Tea


Learn quickly with this video how to make compost tea.

If you’re the type that craves all the details, you’ll find them in Marc Remillard’s book Compost Tea Making: For Organic Healthier Vegetables, Flowers, Orchards, Vineyards, Lawns.  It’s the basics, nothing more.

Can’t wait to try it?  You can buy this miracle organic compost and fertilizer online. Nature’s Big Bud Worm Castings is good stuff!

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