How To Make Vodka At Home From Potatoes

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Why make your own vodka? Well, that’s pretty simple. For starters, it’s fun to do. Also, it’s the most frugal and healthy way to enjoy vodka. Most companies that sell vodka use GMO ingredients, so you can avoid all that by distilling your own batches. Use your homemade vodka for cocktails (obviously!) and in homemade extracts like Homemade Vanilla Extract and Homemade Mint Extract.

To make your own quality vodka, follow this recipe and instructions from hereā€¦

How To Make Vodka At Home From Potatoes

Want to make lots of vodka? Then you’ll need to buy lots of potatoes, or simply grow your own. Learn the best and most efficient ways to grow your own potatoes with these two helpful articles: How To Grow Hundreds of Potatoes In One Barrel and How to Grow Potatoes In Towers.

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