How To Make Tomato Salt From Your Tomato Skins

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Are you someone who likes to add food scraps to a compost pile? This is a great way to reuse food that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. Something that is perfect for a compost pile is the skins from a tomato. However, you can also use these skins to make tomato salt.

Making tomato salt is not a difficult process. The most important part is drying all the skins so you will be able to convert them into a powder. This process requires the use of your oven. You may also use the heat from the sun to dry your tomato skins.

A coffee grinder or a spice mill will then be needed to grind the dried skins into a powder. This powder is what is used to create your tomato salt. The entire process takes about 3 hours for a small batch. You might need to wait longer if you are sun drying your skins.

Information about making your own tomato salt is on here…

How To Make Tomato Salt From Your Tomato Skins

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