How To Make Thieves Vinegar From Scratch

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One of the best organic products to use as a disinfectant in your home is vinegar. This product has been used for hundreds of years to kill bacteria and to ward off disease. The term thieves vinegar came from the Middle Ages as it was used to protect grave robbers from the plague. This is a product that you can easily make at home to use as a cleaning agent.

The reason thieves vinegar is so potent is due to the ingredients that are used to make the product. This type of vinegar includes various spices that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and will help boost the immune system.

You can obtain all the ingredients that are needed to make thieves vinegar from any local grocery store or supermarket. Organic ingredients are preferred.

After making, your thieves vinegar will take a bit of time before it can be used. The time to wait can be from one month to up to three months based on the results you desire. However, the mixture will need to be strained using a sieve to remove all the bits and pieces.

Instructions to make your own thieves vinegar at home are found on here…

How To Make Thieves Vinegar From Scratch

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