How To Make The Ultimate Tomato Cage For Under $2

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Do you have a hard time growing tomatoes in your garden or see that the plants seem to fall down? The use of stakes has always been one the best ways to keep tomato plants upright. However, you can easily create your own ultimate tomato cage from scrap items you may already have on hand.

The key to making an ultimate tomato cage is making a set of stakes. You will need to attach fencing to the stakes to create the cage for your tomatoes. This means you might need to cut some wood to get the proper dimensions. Treated lumber will be the best option, but untreated can also be used.

You need to use some pieces of galvanized fencing to make an ultimate tomato cage. Wire cutters are vital to cut the fencing to the correct size. A few nails or a staple gun will round out the tools that are necessary for this project.

Instructions to make your own ultimate tomato cage are on here…

How To Make The Ultimate Tomato Cage For Under $2

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