How To Make The Palace Backyard Chicken Coop

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Photo By: BackYard Chickens

Your chickens will think this backyard chicken coop really is a palace! If you want to read a really great how-to on building a backyard chicken coop, this is it! MrSteamyKitchen (the author’s screen name) not only includes pictures for every step of the way, he has a “lessons learned” section with lots of advice on how to prevent many things that could go wrong and how to fix some of the things that might still go less than perfectly.

We have seen many people who have posted about their backyard chicken coop projects, but none with as much detail, great photography, and instructions as this one…And it’s high quality work and design! MrSteamyKitchen also includes a few links to other coops which helped him model his backyard chicken coop.

For the full tutorial of how to build The Palace backyard chicken coop like this one, visit hereā€¦

Instructions To Build The Palace Backyard Chicken Coop

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