How To Make The Best Ever Seed Raising Mix

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Growing your own food is a great way to save money and be more healthy. You have many options for growing food that work really well. If you want to grow seedlings, then a top-notch seed raising mix will provide a result that is truly effective. A batch is really easy to make.

You can go out and buy seed raising mix, but why waste good money when you can prepare your own seed raising mix at home. If you have a compost pile, then you are well on your way. Your mix needs a variety of ingredients you may already have on your property.

The amount of seed raising mix to make will vary. An old bathtub is ideal for this task, but you can use a bucket or other type of container. Your mix can be used right away or kept stored for a few days. This is optional depending on any need or preference.

You can find the instructions to make your own seed raising mix on here…

How To Make The Best Ever Seed Raising Mix

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