How To Make Survival Cement

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Are you familiar with building materials like cob and adobe? These are made by using clay, mud and a variety of other ingredients. Whenever you need to build a structure and do not have any material available to use, then you might want to make survival cement instead.

The process to make survival cement is really easy as you only need to use two ingredients. This cement will require a high clay content mud and some dry grass. You will also need some water to make a batch of this cement. A 5-gallon bucket will be the perfect container to use to mix all of the ingredients.

Once you make survival cement, then it can be formed into bricks or used in other ways. Bricks are an ideal item to use when making a foundation for a dwelling or other type of building. You are making a product that is extremely durable and is also long lasting.

Instructions to make survival cement at home are available on here…

How To Make Survival Cement

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