How To Make Papercrete

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Are you familiar with cob construction? This is a method of building which will use natural elements to make bricks that can be used to build any type of structure. A stronger type of brick made using paper instead of natural elements is papercrete. You can easily make papercrete at home with the right equipment.

The key to make papercrete at home is using cement and water to create a slurry. This involves using a special mixer to break down paper that is used to make this product. Adding some paper to cement will make a product that will be lightweight and really sturdy.

If you don’t have a mixer to do the job, then shred the paper first. You can then add it to a regular mixer depending on the amount you need. The mix then needs to be poured into molds to make papercrete bricks that need to dry and fully cure.

You can learn to make papercrete bricks to use at home on here…

How To Make Papercrete

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