How To Make Onion Bombs (Ideal For Camping)

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Are you someone who enjoys camping or likes to try new ways to prepare a meal? A grill is not always available when you want to cook a meal. However, a campfire is all you will need for this recipe. A great option is to prepare and cook onion bombs.

The key to onion bombs is you are actually using a whole onion. You need to cut a full onion in half to make all the wrappers for the meat. The meat to cook could be hamburger, ground turkey, or anything you can make into the shape of a meatball.

If you have cooked a meal in tin foil on a campfire, then cooking onion bombs is exactly the same. You simply need to prepare the number of bombs that need to be cooked. The size of your bombs are likely to vary based on the size of the onions you have on hand.

Instructions to prepare and cook onion bombs are available on here…

How To Make Onion Bombs (Ideal For Camping)

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