How To Make Naturally Colored Pasta

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Do you like pasta, but want to add a touch of color to make the food a lot more fun? Vegetables offer a great way to have pasta that has a distinct color. If you have made pasta from scratch, then the process to make naturally colored pasta will not be much different.

You will need to use vegetables like beets and spinach to make naturally colored pasta. The vegetables will need to be pureed as you will be mixing them with other ingredients to make the dough. Put all of your vegetables in boiling water to make them tender. The beets take longer to cook than the spinach.

A pasta machine can be used to make naturally colored pasta at home. If you do not have a machine to make pasta, then you can roll the dough flat and cut strips by hand. Keep fresh pasta in the refrigerator or use it right away.

Instructions to make naturally colored pasta at home are on here…

How To Make Naturally Colored Pasta

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