How To Make Natural Medicine For Insomnia

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Natural Sleeping Pills

Those who suffer from insomnia know it’s a nightmare. Lack of sleep or lack of quality sleep, especially over a time is miserable. It affects the body and the mind. There are over-the-counter options and prescription options and they will work, but often with side effects causing you to be tired and sluggish the next day. Also, if insomnia continues for several weeks or months (as often is the case), then it’s not healthy for your body to endure the chemical compounds found in OTC  and prescriptive drugs, especially the ones that have addictive qualities.

Andrea, with Frugally Sustainable, shares her wisdom and experience with natural sedative herbs and her recipe for sleeping pills. We like her recipe because the combination of the herbs she uses also treats pain in addition to treating sleep. And another big bonus is that you wake up feeling refreshed. If you’re struggling and suffering from insomnia, then you might also want to try Andrea’s Herbal Tea and Valerian and Hops Tincture. They’re available too at the link below.

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