How To Make Latte Art Heart

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Photo by: HowcastFoodDrink

There are a few different shapes that can be made by people who know how to make latte art. This is not something that a novice likely will be able to do the first time. The technique that is used takes a little time to perfect so it can be done without making a mistake. People who serve lattes at a coffee house often have the knowledge and training to make various types of latte art, but anyone can learn this.

You can make latte art at home with the proper equipment. The most important part is fresh espresso. There are a few intricacies to know when you want to make latte art. This includes the proper way that the milk is poured and the amount of milk to pour. If any part of the process is not done properly, then the art might not turn out as expected.

A heart is the most basic type of latte art most people learn how to make. The reason is this method is the easiest to master. All you need is a cup of espresso and a cold cup of milk. If you can master the technique, then you can easily impress your friends and family.

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