How To Make Ice Cream Bread

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Photo by: CookingWithKarma YouTube Channel

Ice cream is a favorite of many people during the summer or any other time of the year. If you want the flavor of ice cream in the form of bread, then ice cream bread is a great option. You may think the use of ice cream to make bread seems odd, but the result is similar to a spice cake.

This is really simple to do and does not require any liquid. The liquid comes from the ice cream. If you have access to an oven, then you can easily make ice cream bread in less than an hour. You will need to use a loaf pan or other suitable dish to bake the bread.

There are many different options to consider for ice cream bread. This includes adding fudge, sprinkles or other optional ingredients based on the result that you desire. I have found the most important aspect of this project is keeping the bread moist.

How To Make Ice Cream Bread

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