How To Make Hummingbird Food And Choose A Feeder

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The cost of store bought bird seed is not always cheap and you may not always know if the ingredients have been blended correctly. Incorrectly prepared sugar water or water which is moldy is deadly to hummingbirds and other species. The best option to eliminate this concern is to make your own hummingbird food.

A simple process is all that is needed to make homemade hummingbird food. The food you will be making is essentially a simple syrup that is used for baking and making drinks. You will need to use your stove as heat is an important part of this process.

The proper feeder is also an important part of feeding your hummingbird visitors. There are certain feeders that will work better than others. If you know what to look for in a feeder, then picking one that will be suitable is relatively easy. All you need to do is research the options that are available.

Instructions to make your own hummingbird food are found on here…

How To Make Hummingbird Food And Choose A Feeder

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