How To Make Hard Cider The Easy Way

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Do you collect apples and make your own apple cider? You can use some of your apple cider to try out the process of making your own hard cider.

The process used to make hard cider is similar to making beer, but a little bit easier. All you need is the proper equipment and time to make your first batch. The main ingredient other than the cider is a yeast to turn the sugar in the cider into alcohol.

You will need to use brewing yeast to turn regular cider into hard cider. Bread yeast is another option if do not have any brewing yeast available, but the cider will not have a clean taste. One thing you can try is to make multiple batches to see if one has a better taste than another.

Instructions to make your own hard cider at home are on here…

How To Make Hard Cider The Easy Way

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