How To Make Glycerin Extracts (An Alternative To Alcohol Based Tinctures)

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Glycerin is a great, natural solvent that can extract beneficial oils from plants without saturating them in alcohol. Vegetable glycerin has been in the medicine fields for over two hundred years as a sweeter alternative to typically alcohol based solvents. This clear, potent liquid has a syrup-like consistency but lends a much better flavor to whatever it is used with. You can use glycerin extracts much the same way you use alcohol based tinctures with the exception being that the shelf life is quite a bit shorter. Learning how to make glycerin extracts and tinctures can save you a lot of money as well as keep you prepared to treat many conditions your family may face.

Complete instructions on making gylcerin extracts are available at hereā€¦

How To Make Glycerine Extracts

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