How To Make Giant Cast Iron Skillet Cinnamon Rolls

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Do you loveĀ homemade cinnamon rolls and want to make one that is really big? One option is to use a large pan or you can make one using a skillet. Cast iron skillet cinnamon rolls will be huge depending what you are using for your skillet. If you have a big skillet, the your cinnamon roll will be like a giant pie.

Making cast iron skillet cinnamon rolls is really easy to do. The hardest part of the process is preparing the dough. Do not be surprised if you haveĀ a big mess in your kitchen when making the dough. This is all part of the process.

You will need to use a 12-inch skillet to make a batch of cast iron skillet cinnamon rolls. The rolls take about 30 minutes to bake after 2 hours of prep time. You will also need to make a glaze to drizzle over your cinnamon rolls.

Instructions to make cast iron skillet cinnamon rolls are available on here…

How To Make Giant Cast Iron Skillet Cinnamon Rolls

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