How To Make Freezer Waffles

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Popping a frozen waffle into your toaster is a quick way to have a meal for breakfast. However, most store bought waffles may seem more like cardboard than a traditional waffle. These products often will have a lot of additives and preservatives that are really not beneficial for a healthy diet. If you want something that is better tasting and more healthy, then homemade freezer waffles is the way to go.

The best way to make freezer waffles at home is to make them from scratch. If you already have a great recipe to make homemade waffles, then it can be used to make a batch of freezer waffles.

You can make your batch freezer waffles any size you prefer. One important thing to realize is they should be a size that will easily fit into your toaster oven. However, you also can reheat them in a microwave and this means they can be bigger if needed. This depends on your personal preference or size you prefer.

Freezing the waffles requires using the right type of container. A plastic container is a great option or the use of freezer bags is also a good idea. Your freezer waffles can be packaged individually or in batches. If you want to keep them for a longer period, then a vacuum sealer will be the best option.

Instructions to prepare freezer waffles are found on here…

How To Make Freezer Waffles

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