How To Make Feta Cheese Without Rennet

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Rennet Free Feta Cheese

Rennet is a complex of enzymes found in the stomach of baby mammals that allows them to process mother’s milk. It’s used in cheese making to speed coagulation and separate the curds and whey after the starter culture is added to the milk. Rennet either is extracted from the removed stomachs of the animals or it’s genetically engineered. We like this cheese recipe because no rennet is is used and the cheese is delicious.

How To Make Rennet-Free Feta Cheese


  1. Hello, I love your information! I’m very interested in your How To Make Feta Cheese Without Rennet article/recipe, but try as I may, I couldn’t get any information more than the introductory paragraph. Can you tell me how to get the article?

    Thank you for all you post!

    • HomesteadSurvival says

      Hi there, we’re glad you like our site. Thanks for letting us know that the link to the recipe was broken. The authors of the recipe moved their entire website. We found the same recipe on their new site and we’ve update the link in our post. We hope you enjoy it. Best to you!

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