How To Make DIY Lush Copycat Toner Tabs

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How-To-Make-DIY-Lush-Copycat-Tea-Tree-Toner-Tabs.jgp Lush make awesome Tea Tree Toner Tabs designed for toning troubled skin. They use tea tree and aloe to shrink blemishes and spots that are ready to erupt. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal, and particularly effective against skin blockages. These Tea Tree Toner Tabs are quite popular and for good reason.

Now, with this copycat recipe from Easy-Home-Made, you can reduce your costs in half while creating the same superb quality toner tabs. These make excellent gifts to pass on to friends and family.

To use the Tea Tree Toner Tabs: Drop one of these fizzy discs in a bowl of hot water and steam clean your blemishes away. After you’ve fizzed, dip cotton wool or a face cloth into the bowl and use the toner liquid to remove any traces of cleanser really gently, to get all the benefits of the antibacterial essential oils.

Click Here To Make DIY Lush Copycat Toner Tabs

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