How To Make Crock Pot Apple Butter

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The beauty of the crock pot, or slow cooker as it is also known, is you can set all your ingredients in the morning and return in the evening to a beautiful, ready-to-eat meal. With this apple butter recipe, your whole house will be enveloped in the smell of warm apple butter while you relax or tackle other household chores. It’s easy to do and you can share the results with all your friends.

This recipe calls for Gala apples, yet allows you to mix and match different kinds of apples. Total cook time is about 4.5 hours. This recipe is super simple to make any time of the year, and is one way to make use of apples if you have an abundant supply.

TheĀ recipe for this delicious crock pot apple butter is available at hereā€¦

How To Make Crock Pot Apple Butter

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