How To Make Crates: Make An $11 Crate With A $3 2×4

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Do you enjoy doing various woodworking projects like making furniture using a few variety¬†of¬†wood. One way to use a few scraps of 2×4 boards is to make your own wood crates. Knowing how to make crates from wood is the best way to recycle and even save money on store bought products.

A table saw will be needed for this task. The key to how to make crates at home is ripping a few 2×4 boards to make thin slats. These slats will be used to make the crates. The best part about slates for making crates is they are not that heavy.

You have a lot of options to consider when you know how to make crates at home. A handle may be a good idea or you can make crates that are various sizes. The most important thing to realize is you need to have a nail gun to assemble all your pieces.

Instructions for how to make crates at home are on here…

How To Make Crates: Make An $11 Crate With A $3 2×4

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