How To Make Corn Tortillas

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Homemade tacos are a great option for an easy meal or a simple snack.Tortillas are easy to cut and fry to quickly make fresh tortilla chips. This is something which is fast and easy to do when you already have a supply of corn tortillas available. However, corn tortillas are not always readily available and so another solution is necessary. The best option is to make corn tortillas at home, as they will be cheaper and healthier than store bought products.

Almost all you need to make corn tortillas at home is a supply of corn flour. This is crucial as all purpose flour is not an option for this project. Another important part of this task is pressing the dough. The press is a necessary tool to get the proper shape and size for your tortillas.

You may be surprised when you find out how easy it is to make corn tortillas. You will want to always have a supply on hand for easy meals and snacks.

Instructions to make corn tortillas at home are found on here…

How To Make Corn Tortillas

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