How To Make Bright Natural Food Coloring

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The use of natural food coloring is a healthier option than using store bought products. You can make a variety of colors to use in frosting and other foods you prepare. All you need to do is find the right type of ingredients to get the colors that are needed.

Many plants come in a powdered form that you can use to get a specific color. Beets are the best if you want a red or purple color and turmeric is a good option for yellow. One thing to keep in mind with the use of natural food coloring is the recipe you are using.

Frosting for sugar cookies is a great way to use natural food coloring. You can make frosting that does not contain any sugar and is healthier than using a product that is processed. The best thing is you may want to bake a batch of cookies just to try out the frosting.

Information about making natural food coloring is available on here…

How To Make Bright Natural Food Coloring

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