How To Make Bread Cones

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Baking is an activity that can be done to make various foods. You might make tasty treats to a selection of bread. One interesting item you can bake at home is bread cones. These can be used if you want a unique way to serve food for a meal. If you are familiar with calzones or stuffed sandwiches for a meal, then this is somewhat similar.

A simple bread recipe is used to make bread cones at home. Baking bread is not as hard is it may seem as the instructions are not difficult to follow. The key to baking bread is using yeast and waiting for the dough to rise. However, you cannot make the dough for bread cones without the proper ingredients.

Most of the ingredients needed for a simple bread cones recipe may already be in your kitchen. If there are any ingredients that are missing, then you might need to make a trip to a local supermarket. The tools and equipment for this task should also be in your kitchen. If you do not want to mix all the ingredients for the dough by hand, then an electric mixer can be used.

You will be making the dough for your bread cones just like preparing a dough for a batch of cookies. The best option is a stainless steel bowl, but any suitable bowl can be used. One item that will be crucial is the mold for the cones.

The mold for your bread cones can be made in many ways. You can easily customize the molds to use for the cones based on the materials you have and the desired results. The main thing you need to realize is the size of your bread cones. If you make the molds too big, then the cones might not turn out.

The recipe to bake your own bread cones is found on here…

How To Make Bread Cones

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