How To Make Beer Can Bacon Burgers

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Photo by: BarbecueWeb YouTube Channel

Do you like burgers and toppings like bacon to add extra flavor? Many people will typically cook bacon for burgers to have on hand when burgers are ready to serve. However, beer can bacon burgers will allow you to cook both at the same time. All that is required is a little preparation.

You are not actually cooking the beer with the burgers and bacon. Beer can bacon burgers are a type of bowl to use for various types of ingredients. The beer can is used as the form for the bowl and means a can of beer can be saved to drink later.

Expect to wait at least an hour for your beer can bacon burgers to cook on a hot grill. The time may vary based on the temperature of your grill. You simply need to wait until the meat is fully cooked to have a meal that is unique and tasty.

How To Make Beer Can Bacon Burgers


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