How To Make Beer At Home

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The craft beer trend has been sweeping the country and many people are deciding they want to try their hand at brewing their own beer. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is, and just wait until you serve a bottle of your own brew to your friends. Pale ales, lagers, wheat beer, stouts; there is no end to the delicious concoctions you can make yourself.

For tutorials and recipes to become a craft brewer, visit here…

How To Make Beer At Home

diy-alternative-energyP.S. Building an aquaponics garden is great way to grow your hops, not to mention your own organic fruit and veggies. Your very own aquaponics garden can save you lots of money too. DIY-Alternative-Energy is starting the build of their new multi-barrel (large) aquaponics garden and showcasing their project as they go with weekly updates. Check out where they are on day four, and follow along with them for tips and tricks to build your own flourishing garden.

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