How To Make Awesome Christmas Light Balls

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Do like making fun things at home to use for decorations during the holidays? There are many ideas to use depending on the types of decorations you want to make. Something that is easy to do at home and will look really cool is to make Christmas light balls.

Many Christmas decorations that are put up each year are often made of plastic. This is not the case for fun Christmas light balls as they are made by using wire mesh or chicken wire. Working with metal means that a pair or tin snips or wire cutters will be needed. You will also need a pair of work gloves.

A strand of colored lights is all you need to illuminate your Christmas light balls. Simply work all your strands of lights around each ball and leave enough room for the plug. These decorative balls are really great to use as yard decorations or you can display them on your porch.

The instructions to make your own Christmas light balls are on here…

How To Make Awesome Christmas Light Balls

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