How To Make Air Cured Ham

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Do you like to experiment with different types of recipes for meats like ham? There are many to use for all sorts of tasty dishes. If you like the taste of ham, then you may want to try an air cured ham that is not actually being cooked.

An air cured ham is prepared by curing in salt and smoking. The result is a ham that is dry and tastes a lot like a cooked ham, but it is actually not. You will need to make a rub for the ham, that is also a type of simple marinade for your sir cured ham.

You will need to have a smoker of some type to make an air cured ham. The ham will be smoked for a total of four days for a few hours at a time. It will need to rest in-between to absorb all the flavor and will need to be kept in cool place.

Instructions to make an air cured ham at home are found on here…

How To Make Air Cured Ham

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