How To Make A Wood Fired Pompeii Oven

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Cooking outside is typically done by using a grill. This can be a gas grill or a basic charcoal grill. However, an outside oven is great idea if you have room on your property. This is a type of oven that is wood fired just like a wood fireplace in some homes and restaurants. If you want to build your own outside Pompeii oven, then the first thing to do is decide where it will be located.

The best place for a Pompeii oven is near a patio, a pool, or other backyard feature. If you are limited to specific areas on your property, then an update to your landscape might be needed. Make sure to survey the area to make sure there is enough room for all elements of the structure. You should then make a list of the materials that will be needed to build an outside Pompeii oven.

There are many types of materials that are needed to build an outdoor Pompeii oven. You will be using a combination of concrete, brick, clay tiles, and wood. Cinder blocks are also be an option if you want to use bricks to cover the outside of your oven.

A trip to a local home improvement store is a good way to look at the types of materials you can use to build a outside Pompeii oven. Wood will also be necessary for this project. The reason is the wood will be used for the forms when the concrete is poured. Concrete will need to be poured for the slab and for the base of the oven.

The exterior of your Pompeii oven will consist of brick. You can also build a roof structure to keep any water away from the oven. Once the concrete and mortar has dried, then you can test your work by baking pizza or some other item.

Instructions to build an outside Pompeii oven are found on here…

How To Make A Wood Fired Pompeii Oven

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