How To Make A Remote Tripwire Alarm

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Are you looking for a simple solution to use for a basic security system? There are many options that a homeowner can use, but most will cost a lot of money. If you want something that is cheap and will also be an effective solution, then make a remote tripwire alarm.

The process to make a remote tripwire alarm is really easy to do. You only need a few components and the time to set up the alarm. The key to this type of alarm is using a wireless transmitter/receiver. Most are inexpensive and will also be battery operated. You can use a wireless doorbell or any other type.

A tone is made from at the receiver whenever the alarm is tripped. The only thing to keep in mind when you make a remote tripwire alarm is you may need to set up more than one. However, you can easily convert a room in your home to a central alarm station.

Instructions to make a remote tripwire alarm system can be found on here…

How To Make A Remote Tripwire Alarm

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