How To Make A Pond In A Pot

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Many people who do not have room for a garden at home often choose to plant herbs and various other items in containers. Container gardening, however, does not always mean you need to plant items using soil or dirt. You can easily display various aquatic plants by making a pond in a pot.

If you are thinking that a pond in a pot is something that will be small, then you are mistaken. Any size pot will be suitable for this type of project. This includes an old tub to a plastic swimming pool. You will need a container that is able to hold water without leaking.

The area for your pond in a pot will determine the type of container to use. One important thing you need to know is to not use barrels or other containers that are made of wood. If you do, then a liner will be required before adding any water.

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How To Make A Pond In A Pot

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