How To Make A Mosquito Repelling Incense That Really Works

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Do you have a perfect patio area that is being inundated with mosquitoes? If you have high humidity in your area, then you will likely have to put up with these pests. Spraying is one option, but you may not want to use dangerous chemicals. A better option is to use mosquito repelling incense.

The best thing about a mosquito repelling incense is, it contains no harmful ingredients. You will use an assortment of natural ingredients that are in a dried or powdered form. The reason the ingredients will need to be dry is they will easily burn. The key is mixing all the ingredients together correctly.

There are many ways to make mosquito repelling incense at home. The best option is to use loose incense as it is the easiest to make and uses all natural ingredients. You just need to add a flammable ingredient to produce a scent that keeps mosquitoes away.

Instructions to make homemade mosquito repelling incense are on here..

How To Make A Mosquito Repelling Incense That Really Works

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