How To Make A Jar Lantern

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Are you interested in a cheap and fun way to provide illumination? You can easily use the flashlight on your smartphone, but a DIY hack will be a lot more fun. One project that you can do at home is make a jar lantern with an on/off switch.

Just a little knowledge of electronics will be needed to make a jar lantern at home as a disposable camera is a main component of the project. Hacking a CFL bulb will also be required. The best part is you have a lantern that can be used in an emergency or other event. A mason jar or glass jar with a plastic lid is also needed.

You will need one AA battery to provide power to turn on the light bulb. The best option to save money if you do not want to buy a lot of batteries is to find a few rechargeable ones when you want to make a jar lantern.

Instructions to make a jar lantern to use at home are on here…

How To Make A Jar Lantern

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