How To Make A Garden Pond From Old Tires

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Good ‘ol recycling ingenuity is the power behind this great idea. If you’re looking for a way to keep just a few tires from adding to the local landfill, here is a great idea to make much better use of them. Don’t worry, no one but you will know that old tires were used in the construction of your new garden pond.

What we like best about this garden pond project is that often you can pickup old tires for free or next to nothing. So, that’s a nice cost savings. Additionally, you’ll find that using tires of different sizes will serve you well if you are creating a garden pond with multiple sections that allow for water to flow from the topmost section to the lowest section. Of course, you also can keep each section independent of the others too.

And with this project, you can finish of the look with any kind of stone or rock that best fits your yard design. To get started on your new garden pond from old tires, visit instructions at here…

How To Make A Garden Pond From Old Tires

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