How To Make A Fire Pit BBQ Out Of Car Wheels

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Photo by: Thumb Nail Ranch

Many DIY projects that can be done at home do not necessarily require the use of new materials. You almost always have the option to use scrap material or natural material based on the type of project. One option is to build your own fire pit BBQ out of car wheels. All you need is a couple of old car rims.

The process to make a fire pit BBQ out of car wheels will require using the proper rims. Steel rims are a great choice for this project. You will need to have two rims the same size to make a fire pit. Your rims will need to be cut by using various power tools.

Welding is required to make a fire pit BBQ out of car wheels from these instructions. This will mean you may need to seek some help with this project if you are not familiar with how the process of welding is done.

A video explaining how to make a fire bit BBQ out of car wheels is on here

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