How To Make A DIY Clothes Wringer

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Do you wash some of your clothes by hand, but have no way to wring out excess water? You can make your own DIY clothes wringer specifically for this purpose as a fun DIY project. The cost of the project is essentially free, if you have all of the necessary supplies on hand.

A few 5-gallon buckets are all you will need to make a DIY clothes wringer. The idea behind the device you can make is that is uses pressure to remove excess water from clothes. You can sit on the wringer to make it work or you can use a heavy object if needed.

There are a few things you may want to keep in mind when making a DIY clothes wringer. You should not use this device on carpet, unless a few modifications are made. Water is meant to run out and can be messy if you are not by a drain.

Instructions to make your own DIY clothes wringer are on here…

How To Make A DIY Clothes Wringer

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