How To Make A Broadfork Gardening Tool

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Preparing a garden in the spring will involve many steps. One of these is aerating the soil before planting a variety of plants. This can be done in various ways. If you do not have a tiller handy, then another option to aerate the soil is to use a broadfork gardening tool. However, these can be expensive to purchase.

You can easily make a homemade broadfork gardening tool by using a few materials often found around the property. If the supplies you need are not available, then you can easily change the design. Welding and grinding will also be necessary if you want to follow the exact plans provided.

A broadfork gardening tool is similar to using a metal garden rake, but on a much bigger scale. If you want to use this tool, then this is a great item to make as a DIY project. The only downside is the tool can be large enough that it might be heavy to move and use for smaller folks.

Instructions to make a broadfork gardening tool are found on here…

How To Make A Broadfork Gardening Tool

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