How To Make A Braai Pie

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Photo by: HouseholdHacker

Are you familiar with a pasty or pastie and how it is made? If you are, then you might like the flavor of braai pie. All the ingredients that are needed for this recipe can also be used to make a pastie. This is an ideal way to make a hearty meal that is really delicious.

A braai pie is basically filled pastry dough. You can add all sorts of ingredients to a pie depending on the type of meal you want to prepare. The pastry dough you use can be store bought or homemade. One thing to remember is to make sure to use fresh ingredients for the filling.

One main difference between a pastie and a braai pie is how it is baked. You can bake a braai using any type of grill to give the outside a charred appearance. This is a wonderful meal to make anytime, and also is perfect for outdoor parties.

How To Make A Braai Pie


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