How To Make A 55 Gallon Barrel Chair

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Making your own furniture is a project you can do for fun or to save money. You can make furniture to use indoors and outdoors from various types of materials. The most common is wood, but you have the option to use something recycled like a 55-gallon barrel. This is an item that you can use to create your own DIY barrel chair.

The most important aspect of this project is using a plastic barrel. A metal barrel should not be used for this project. Many types of outdoor furniture is made from plastic and a barrel chair is something to have for extra seating for a deck or patio. A few specific tools are needed before you start to build a DIY barrel chair.

A 55-gallon barrel is a great option for a DIY barrel chair for many reasons. You can use the base for extra storage and the chair will also be lightweight and durable. The design can be changed when a modification needs to be made. This is the benefit of working on DIY projects at home. Another thing about a DIY chair is the available plans may not suit your needs.

Another idea is to make different styles of the barrel chair based on any preferences. One option is a barrel chair without arms if you want chairs to use with a table. However, you will need to have the tools that are required to complete this project.

You will need a saw to cut the barrel, a power drill, and other materials to complete this project. All theĀ items that you need can be found at any home improvement store. A hardware store should also have a selection of items for this task. You might also want to change the color of your barrel chair. This can be done by applying spray paint.

Instructions to build a DIY barrel chair are found on here…

How To Make A 55 Gallon Barrel Chair

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