How To Make A $10 Fire Pit From A Washing Machine Drum

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How To-Make-A-$10-Fire-Pit-From-A-Washing-Machine-Drum

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The Maytag Washer Repair Man could make a few extra bucks building these easy fire pits on the weekends! And you can build your own in an hour with just a few simple tools and rules. You know that washing machine drum that spins like mad trying to get your clothes clean? Well, when it kicks the bucket, it makes the perfect fire ring for your backyard.

The holes line up perfectly to give much needed oxygen to your Friday night fire and the size is just right to move around the backyard or take to a friend’s house. If you’ve got $10 and a bit of determination you can bring a warm touch to your backyard parties this weekend.

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How to Make a $10 Fire Pit From a Washing Machine Drum

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