How To Harvest & Use Lavender

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There is nothing quite like the alluring and wondrous scent of fresh lavender. Large stands of the beautiful purple flower, strategically planted near windows and sitting areas, create a delightful ambiance in any garden. But, there are plenty of other uses you can get from the harvested plant. For example, curing dandruff, bloating and poor digestion. Also, sooth itchy skin, use as bath salts, or place sachets under your pillow or in the linen closet. Once you learn how to properly harvest this wonderful flower, you’ll find dozens of uses.

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How To Harvest & Use Lavender

Once you’ve harvested fresh lavender, you might consider making delicious Lavender Lemonade and the lovely Lavender Chamomile Sleepy Time Lotion. As well, here are 15 Magical Things You Can Make With Lavender.

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