How To Harvest Dandelion Root

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Do you spend a lot of time during the summer removing weeds from your yard. This is something a lot of people do to maintain a healthy yard. However, a weed like the dandelion can be beneficial. You can easily harvest dandelion root to use for a lot of medicinal purposes.

A yard that has not been treated for weeds is perfect to harvest dandelion root. Harvesting dandelions is a task that should be done in the fall or at the end of summer. This when the root is full of nutrients that are beneficial to treat many ailments.

There are many ways to harvest dandelion root at home. You can use a dandelion digging tool or even a garden shovel for this task. Make sure to avoid areas which have had any chemical treatment applied. A bucket or other container can be used when you want to start harvesting dandelions at home.

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How To Harvest Dandelion Root


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